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"You have made our year a total success with bringing such a fantastic fundraiser to us! We raised over $17,000."

Kim Forsythe, Perry Hall High School, Baltimore, MD

"Your fundraising program was awesome and it has been great working with you."

Margie Swecker, Ebb Valley Elementary School, Manchester, MD

"This has been a very successful fundraiser for Carroll County Public Schools. Schools have done very well with this fundraiser. The process has been painless, efficient and fun. Thanks!"

Nancy G. Codner, CPPB Supervisor of Purchasing, Carroll County Public Schools, Westminster, MD

"Thank you GameTime Fundraisers. This was a wonderful fundraiser and we are so pleased with the results."

Jodi Esbrandt, Homestead Wakefield Elementary School, Bel Air, MD

"This was one of the easiest fundraisers I have ever participated in! GameTime Fundraisers was very responsive to our needs and provided great updates as to our sales and funds raised. We were able to sell over 1300 programs in one week!"

Eric Gordee, Associate Principal/Activities Director, Lombardi Middle School, Green Bay, WI

"Selling the Super Bowl programs was outstanding as a fundraiser. GameTime Fundraisers made the work painless, and we were able to raise a large amount of money in a short amount of time."

Mark McQuade, Activities Director, Appleton West High School, Appleton, WI

"Thanks for helping our Super Bowl Fundraiser such a huge success!"

Diane E. Hanebutt, SENSE Charter School. Indianapolis, IN

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Super Bowl Fundraiser. This was well received and generated a great deal of excitement for our school and community. Fundraisers do not come much easier than this! Thanks again and do not forget us when Indianapolis lands another Super Bowl!!!"

Kevin Koers, Principal, Franklin Central High School Indianapolis, IN

"GameTime Fundraisers...you guys rock!!!"

Lisa Kapitan, Newtown High School, Newtown, CT